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The bears in my life

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I have been wanting to post a blog about bears.  Now that summer is long gone and the first few inches of snow have covered Juneau I assume the bears have made their way to high ground.  To Burrows and caves where they will slumber away the cold dark winter.  Then yesterday a friend texted me, she was on the road out side of my apartment on her way to meet me for dinner, “Bear between me and you” she wrote.

Just when we thought it was safe to put our garbage out, the bears remind us that they have their own agenda.

I thought I would share some of my favorite bear photos from the last few seasons.

Black bear, Glacier Bay National Park

I photographed this Black bear in Skidmore bay, in Glacier Bay National Park.  It was early morning, we had just kayaked out of camp and found this guy eating Barnacles on the beach at low tide.  This is an incredibly sharp image considering It was a cloudy day and I was shooting from a kayak.  I took this photo in early june, its amazing how fat this guy is so early in the summer.

Brown bear near Point Adolphus

I photographed this Brown bear at Point Adolphus, on the northern shore of Chichigof Island. We had our camp set up less than a mile to the east of where I took this photo.  Several people told me they had been seeing a young Brownie hanging out in the area and I was hoping to get a photo of him. I also took this shot from my kayak.  It’s a little soft but I like the colors and the Devils club leaves add nice texture.

Brownie with pink salmon.

I caught this big girl with her two cubs on the Anan river near Wrangell, AK.  She caught fish after fish by sitting in the water and waving her paws around until a fish bumped into her,  then she would snag it.

Polar bear, Spitsbergen.

I was test driving a new Zodiac off a small group of Islands in Spitsbergen, Norway.  Spitsbergen, also know as Svalbard, is a Norwegian territory north or Norway above the 75th parallel. I traveled to Spitsbergen with One Ocean Expeditions, working as a Sea Kayak guide and Zodiac pilot.  This day, while test driving the new motorboat I was fortunate to find this beautiful young bear alone on the beach.  I spent an hour observing and photographing this exquisite creature. this is one of my favorite shots.

Two Polar bears and the Monaco Glacier, Spitsbergen.

A short time later I came upon these two Polar bears. Again I had the extraordinary opportunity to photograph two incredible creatures with the magnificent Monaco Glacier in the background.

Though there may be a few restless bears still skulking around the streets of Juneau, photographically speaking its time to put the big bruins to rest. Time to move on to other subjects. As the northern Polar regions cool and snow and ice hush the frozen landscape, I begin my migration south, to the austral summer and Antarctica for more amazing photographic opportunities.

I have my tickets, I leave for Ushuia, Argentina on the 5th of November. I’ll keep you posted.