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Little Runners

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My friend Zach is an elementary school phys-ed teacher.  He called me early yesterday morning and asked if I could photograph a school event that he organized.  It was a 5 kilometer (three mile) fun run and every child at the school was participating ( over 500 kids) from kindergarten to 5th grade.

I don’t remember much about my kindergarten days but I’m sure I never ran three miles just for fun.  Every child was smiling as they left the starting line and they were absolutely beaming when they crossed the finish line.  It didn’t hurt that the sun was shining.  It is late spring in most of the northern hemisphere but here in Juneau, AK the leaves have only just begun to bud, and the tulips have not yet bloomed.



Its nice to see adults dedicated to getting children out side and active.  I’m sure all these children are typical kids who watch television and play video games but when adults set a good example and make it fun they inspire the kids.  Every child, be they a jaded adolescent or a sweet innocent kindergartner will find joy and excitement at participating in something as simple as running. The proof is in the faces of these children.







Mommies and teaches joined the race making it a real community event. I had a great time watching the kids have fun and I got some entertaining new photographs. Zach was appreciative and that made me feel part of the event even thought I didn’t run.







Apathy or ardor

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Its that time of the year again, when after returning home from months of travel, work and adventure I have trouble motivating to do anything.  This in between time generally involves lounging on the couch drinking too much coffee, talking to my self or speaking out loud to people who aren’t present. I pace. I suffer with intermittent episodes of insomnia.  It seems the more free time I have the less organized my mind becomes and finding one thing to focus on is hopeless.

Its hard to feel inspired to photograph when I have hundreds of files full of thousands of pictures from Antarctica that I still have not organized. I have snapped only 150 images this past month. I feel photographically congested.

So this year I decided to take a new approach.  I quit the coffee.  Coffee scatters my pattern of thinking. It causes my thoughts to reel down uncharted paths that lead my mind no-where.

Also, I started a strict vegetarian diet. No eggs, cheese or dairy of any kind. Ninety five percent of my diet is fruit and  hearty colorful (mostly organic) vegetables and lots of beans. Once a week I have a meal of fresh salmon or halibut caught by local Alaskan fisherman  or deer meat that I shot and butchered myself. I also joined the local gym and I try to work out everyday.

During this phase of my year I usually hole up in my apartment for weeks at a time, rarely answering the phone and experiencing mild anxiety about spending time with friends while simultaneously feeling sorry for my self, wondering why no one ever calls me.  Lately I have been trying to socialize more. My new strategy has been to actually answer the phone and when someone invites me on a hike or to a dinner party instead of mumbling an incoherent  excuse, I bite my lip and say yes.  So far the results have been quite successful and I am remembering that I actually do have friends.

This past week I said yes twice. The first was to an invitation to go on an overnight sailing trip to Saint James Bay with three other friends.  We had a great trip with some real life adventure when we nearly flipped the thirty five foot steel hulled sail boat completely upside down. Luckily, no one was injured.  The second yes was an invitation to a simple walk on the beach on a sunny day with three lovely ladies. Here are few snap shots from both events.


Kayaking in St. james Bay

Kayaking in St. james Bay

St. james Bay

St. james Bay

Dall's porpoise exhaling

Dall’s porpoise exhaling

Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

Rowdy Stellar sea lions

Rowdy Stellar sea lions

It seems silly to lament these things, these journeys into the heart of apathy are a necessary rest period.   Soon it will all change. Three more weeks and my sea kayak guiding season begins, then I will be on the move for another three months and life will be a parade of new people, wilderness adventure and wildlife photography.