Little Runners

My friend Zach is an elementary school phys-ed teacher.  He called me early yesterday morning and asked if I could photograph a school event that he organized.  It was a 5 kilometer (three mile) fun run and every child at the school was participating ( over 500 kids) from kindergarten to 5th grade.

I don’t remember much about my kindergarten days but I’m sure I never ran three miles just for fun.  Every child was smiling as they left the starting line and they were absolutely beaming when they crossed the finish line.  It didn’t hurt that the sun was shining.  It is late spring in most of the northern hemisphere but here in Juneau, AK the leaves have only just begun to bud, and the tulips have not yet bloomed.



Its nice to see adults dedicated to getting children out side and active.  I’m sure all these children are typical kids who watch television and play video games but when adults set a good example and make it fun they inspire the kids.  Every child, be they a jaded adolescent or a sweet innocent kindergartner will find joy and excitement at participating in something as simple as running. The proof is in the faces of these children.







Mommies and teaches joined the race making it a real community event. I had a great time watching the kids have fun and I got some entertaining new photographs. Zach was appreciative and that made me feel part of the event even thought I didn’t run.







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