New photos of the day

I decided to get outside with my camera again today. side my last post the sun has not shown itself.  We have been hunching under the weight of low clouds and shouldering into the driving rain since christmas.

The wind and rain stopped today and the temperature floated at a balmy 45 degrees.

The tide was high late afternoon so I decided to take the camera to the beach and try to capture some reflections on the water with some motion blur. Here they are:



beach34-2I used a really slow shutter speed to give the ocean a ghostly appearance. I used a cable release but somehow still have motion blur on the still objects so they are all a little soft. Im going to go back out tomorrow and try to do them again. with a even a small amount of sun the water will glow with color but the added light might make a slow shutter speed impossible.



2 Responses to “New photos of the day”

  1. Shellie Oates Says:

    Hi there. While looking through and admiring some of your photos i was drawn to the history of the photo showing the broken timber piles in the water and what appears to be a type of pumping house which is situated on top of a large masonry block well above the water. The structure on top appears to have a large pipe which may be something to do with the old pumping station above the pipe. My guess was that whalers came in and tied up at the old pier and pumped their whale oil through the pipe to on shore. Probably a wild guess. Do you happen to know what it is and the possible age of it? I think it is a most fabulous photo. cheers, Shellie, Sydney, Australia.

    • Hi shellie,
      thanks for commenting on my site. its been so long since I have posted I didn’t realize people were still viewing my work there. Glad you took the time to check in out and comment. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come upon my site?

      You are half correct. That photo was taken very close to my home in Juneau, Alaska. It was taken on Douglas island, at the site an old gold mine. The Treadwell Gold mine. It is a pump station used to pump sea water to the mine.

      Here is a LINK if you are interesed in the history of the Treadwell mine.

      I am glad you visited and commented and enjoyed the photo.
      thanks again

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